Sunday, March 20, 2011

Home is where the heart is

Hello world! My name is Ellie and I am a fabulous pug who is here to make you smile, giggle, or laugh until you piddle on the floor (I already did this twice today)!

But guess what?! I have a brand new home! Although I have to leave my real brothers and sisters, I have an adopted brother named Murphy and sister named Millie. And not only do I have these two, I also have a human who is helping me with this awesome blog (I lack the opposable thumbs necessary to operate a computer)!

Everyday my human promises to post a photo and a blog post of yours truly, and maybe my new brother and sister will get a mention (if they’re lucky!), but sometimes her spacey brain might evade her! Don’t get upset though, she has excuses, like the fact that she’s blonde! But heck, so do I, so I think it’s okay.


  1. oh my gosh,, are you adorable or what sweet baby!
    i am so happy to meet you,
    Thank you for coming to visit me,

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  3. Thanks Tweedles! I love reading your blog!