Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pugs not drugs

Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday you guys, I had to go to the vet again! I guess my infection just isn’t clearing up, so they put me on some more drugs so hopefully that will help! I’m a bit high in the puggy sky right now, but my human knows just how to cheer me up…
…with a walk of course!

Today I went on my first ever trail walk and it was so much fun! There was lots of smells to smell and adventures to be had, that was, of course, until Millie decided to go feral.

She likes to run around, natural for a dog, right?


Any strange noise or smell will set her off, hence why she has to wear the rope. And this walk was no exception. As we were nearing the end of the walk, there were two doggies. And not just any doggies, these doggies were almost as high as I am right now…except they weren’t on drugs.

They were on a balcony.
 Millie barked and barked and barked, and ran all over the garden. My human finally got her to stop but not until after she had successfully ripped no less than seven plants from the other dog’s garden.
So the moral of this story? Even when my poor little body is loaded with lots of medicine, I’m still better than my sister.
Ha. Pugs rule.


  1. Ellie, um, are you a Licky Lou too??? Cuz that picture at the end looks like you are licking air like I do.
    Love Noodles

  2. Your mighty cute little one,, and I love those pics out in the wilderness.
    it almost looked like my world

  3. Looks like you had quite an adventure!
    Daisy and I love your photos.
    We hope you have a fun week!

    -Dana & Daisy

  4. Dear Ellie
    I have missed you.
    I came back to tell you that I hope you feel better. It is no fun to have an infection.
    I hope everything is okay.
    I want to hear more of your adventures